Upper Hutt Foodbank PURPOSE

The Upper Hutt Foodbank was formed in 1991 to provide emergency food parcels for people and/or families in distress as a result of financial hardship.

A non-judgemental and confidential service is offered but we reserve the right to determine at any time the level and frequency of support given.

We do not offer any specialist advice such as counseling or budgeting, but we can make referrals or suggestions regarding other agencies who may be able to assist, if the Customer is interested.


Anyone who is currently living in Upper Hutt or Stokes Valley should be able to receive a parcel provided their circumstances are considered worthy of assistance.  Most of our customers are beneficiaries, but we help others such as those in employment but whose current income (if any) is not sufficient to support them.

We do not normally provide food for people who are not residents in the household, unless the interviewer is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances.

It is expected that family members aged 18 and over will be either working or receiving their own income benefit, and will therefore not be classed as dependents, unless evidence is provided otherwise eg. for those who are genuine Students and are not receiving assistance other than toward travel costs.

Anyone seeking a parcel is required to come to the Foodbank personally during our open hours. We may accept an official social worker as a representative if the customer is unable to visit. We do not deliver.


Very few exceptions are likely to apply but note that we may not provide a parcel if a customer has a history of having their benefit stopped or reduced because they have failed to meet their obligations to WINZ, such as not providing Medical Certificates on time or not attending appointments.

Other examples could include Customers who:

  • Are already receiving support from other Foodbanks in the Hutt Valley.
  • Have not met requests for particular information to be supplied following their last visit.
  • Are not residents of Upper Hutt or Stokes Valley. Are not prepared to allow us to share their name with other Foodbanks in the Hutt Valley.
  • We do however reserve the right to decline requests at any time without giving any reason.