At each and every visit, Customers will undergo a short interview process which is designed to determine their particular circumstances and assess how their needs can be best met.


It is appreciated that new Customers coming to the Upper Hutt Foodbank for the first time may not be aware of what is required, so for this first visit, our interviewers have flexibility to issue a parcel without full information being presented. At all other visits however, Customers are expected to bring:

  • Customer Service Card or SuperGold Card if they have one of these. If they have not been issued with one of these by WINZ, or they don’t have it with them at their first visit, they may be allocated a temporary number which will be used at future visits until such time as it is replaced with a number issued by WINZ.
  • Recent evidence of address confirming they are living in Upper Hutt or Stokes Valley (exceptions are allowed for homeless persons).  
  • Photo ID if they have it.


All Customers, prior to receiving their parcel, are required to sign approval for their name to be shared with other Foodbanks in the Hutt Valley (this is to assist identifying and prevent ‘double dippers’).


Normally, Customers will be entitled to one full parcel per 4 week period. If they return again within 4 weeks without a referral from a Social Agency, they may be provided with a limited parcel on the second visit, but this depends on the circumstances and is at the discretion of the interviewer.  Arrangements made with certain Social Agencies may allow parcels to be issued more frequently, if they provide a formal written recommendation to us. Upper Hutt Foodbank require the originals of any referrals to be retained for our records. Upper Hutt Foodbank may refer Customers to other agencies where we consider their pattern of visits justifies it.


At each and every interview Upper Hutt Foodbank check and record:

  • Proof of address – we note who it is from and the date it was issued. We owe it to those persons and organizations who support the Upper Hutt Foodbank to ensure that only those Customers who are living in our area of operation benefit from our service.
  • Brief details as to why the Customer has needed to come to the Foodbank. This information is not shared with other organizations but it is compared with reasons given at earlier visits.
  • Type of Benefit received (if any) and next payment day, or next Wage payment day if applicable.
  • Number of Adults (aged 18 and over) and number of Children (up to age 17) to be included in the parcel. It is expected that all will be living in the household at the time. Names and the relationship of each additional Adult will be recorded eg Partner, Mother. Ages of all Children will also be noted and whether the Customer being interviewed receives benefit for them.
  • Photo ID details if they have it eg. Drivers Licence, Passport, 18 + Card.
  • Any other relevant information.